State of the art tools make identifying your car's problems a piece of cake.

Full Engine Diagnostics Ability

Any modern car you see in Kelowna has several intertwining systems that work together seamlessly to complete a driving experience. However, when these systems get out of whack, nothing short of a professional diagnostics check-up will return everything back to their intended settings. From assessing error codes to taking your car's tuning to the next level, M & T Northside Services Ltd's diagnostics work is a great choice.

When a customer brings their vehicle to our Kelowna location, we'll look at every individual system, from electrical problems to engine issues, each of which can have a tangible effect. The diagnostic tools we use are capable of resolving even small errors that could be hampering your time behind the wheel.

With a full engine diagnostics service and tune up package from M & T Northside Services Ltd, your car will get the complete treatment and you'll see both fuel efficiency and performance gains immediately.

To schedule a diagnostics visit at our Kelowna facility, give M & T Northside Services Ltd a call today at 250-763-4006.


M & T Northside Services Ltd is based in Kelowna and is a one-stop solution for everything from tire replacements to engine rebuilds.


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