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We do the heavy lifting to handle your major engine and transmission problems.

Professional Engine Repair

The engine is the beating heart of your car. When there are engine problems, it can affect every other aspect and easily leave you stranded on the side of the road. However, there is a solution to Kelowna engine woes in M & T Northside Services Ltd - a local engine repair specialist.

Whether your car's from this year or three decades ago, the mechanics at M & T Northside Services Ltd have the experience and knowledge needed to perform engine repairs of all shapes and sizes. From cracked manifolds to complete rebuilds to restore your engine to its former glory, we have successfully finished countless engine repairs in Kelowna.

Even the best engines will accumulate their share of wear and tear over the years, but M & T Northside Services Ltd recommends thorough engine maintenance to ensure the longest possible engine lifespan. Come to us for routine maintenance as well as engine repairs and we'll keep you treasured car running as long as possible.

For professional engine repair service, M & T Northside Services Ltd is just a phone call away. Dial 250-763-4006 to learn more about our engine repair services.


M & T Northside Services Ltd is based in Kelowna and is a one-stop solution for everything from tire replacements to engine rebuilds.


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